Catalyst Therapeutics: Exploiting small molecule drug opportunities

  • Investment and project management company

  • Focused on early stage discovery projects involving small molecules

  • Funds accessed via collaboration with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

  • Four projects available for partnering

Catalyst Therapeutics Pty Ltd is an investment and project management company formed by a partnership between the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and SYNthesis Research. Our mission is to create value by catalysing proof-of-concept and accelerating the translation of biological discoveries into new drug development candidates.

Such translation depends on early stage investment in high-throughput chemical screening and medicinal chemistry, an area where Australian funding continues to be minimal and unpredictable.

Catalyst Therapeutics will focus on medicinal chemistry opportunities that align and synergise with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s biology and clinical interests, and leverage capabilities in the Chemical Biology division at the institute with the medicinal chemistry of SYNthesis Research.

By focused support of an appropriate project, the company will accelerate its progress through to proof of concept, for example optimised drug development candidates against a validated disease target, supported by data in preclinical models of disease and a strong intellectual property position. At this stage, Catalyst Therapeutics will partner or license the project for clinical development.